Dodo Mat wins at The Star Outstanding Business Award 2022 (SOBA 2022) – Best in e-Retail category

Car mats used to be something few people would take notice of, but these days the humble accessory is something that is more than just a functional item – it can help dress up the presentation of the interior by making the cabin more stylish and kempt.

A good mat can even improve functionality by containing – and hiding – dirt and debris, while making the process of cleaning easier compared to a traditional mat. One such product is the Dodo Mat. Its revolutionary design isn’t just easy on the eye, it’s highly efficient too.

The novel car mat hasn’t just been a hit with consumers since its introduction, it – and the way it is retailed – has been picking up awards too for the company. Fresh from its win in the Asia eCommerce Awards 2022, Dodo Mat has won another award, with the company being announced as the Best in e-Retail category winner of The Star Outstanding Business Award 2022 (SOBA 2022).

Dodo Mat wins at The Star Outstanding Business Award 2022 (SOBA 2022) – Best in e-Retail category

Organised by The Star Media Group, SOBA 2022 aims to recognise up-and coming non-listed businesses and their contributions to the Malaysian economy. The prestigious award presented to Dodo Mat was in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the e-commerce industry and its innovative approach to marketing and sales.

Using innovative marketing strategies and cutting-edge technology to reach its target market, Dodo Mat has been at the forefront of the eCommerce industry in Malaysia, and the company’s success in winning the Best in e-Retail category at SOBA 2022 is a testament to its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

While digital innovation has helped the company to establish itself as a leader in the eCommerce industry in Malaysia and beyond, having an excellent product to begin with provides the basis for that success.

Dodo Mat wins at The Star Outstanding Business Award 2022 (SOBA 2022) – Best in e-Retail category

Dodo Mat has the honour of being the first car mat product in Malaysia with a dual-layer design. This ensures that cleaning is fuss-free and easy – all a Dodo Mat user has to do is open the layers of the mat and simply shake out any accumulated dust and dirt. The neatest thing about it is that even if cleaning has not been carried out for a while, the dual-layer design of the Dodo Mat helps to keep dirt out of sight.

Made to the requirements of specific makes and models, Dodo Mat products are available in a wide range of colours and sizes, each providing optimal fitment for a particular vehicle model. It’s the perfect choice for car owners who want to keep their vehicles looking clean and new.

Available on many different online platforms such as Shopee and Lazada, you can find out more about Dodo Mat by visiting its official website, Facebook page and TikTok channel.