GWM makes it easy to convert from ICE to EVs – ORA Good Cat now with 2-day test drive, trade-in support

You’ve been hearing so much about electric vehicles (EVs) and you’re definitely intrigued by the idea of never needing to visit a petrol station ever again, but sometimes, all of us need a little push. Well, here’s one from GWM Malaysia, which has come up with an ‘ICE to BEV Easy Conversion Plan’ worth RM10,000 for the ORA Good Cat.

The conversion plan aims to accelerate EV adoption in Malaysia, which is in line with the country’s stated target to become a net zero greenhouse gas emissions nation by 2050. It assists you in the switch from your current internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle to the ORA Good Cat, an EV with zero tailpipe emissions.

GWM understands that there may be doubts among ICE owners on the suitability of EVs as daily cars. Will the ORA Good Cat fit into your life?

GWM makes it easy to convert from ICE to EVs – ORA Good Cat now with 2-day test drive, trade-in support

There’s no brochure or sales pitch that can match an extended test drive, and we’re not just talking about a short loop around the showroom, but a two-day extensive test drive session for the customer to experience the ORA Good Cat at his or her own pace. Crucially, this extended test drive allows the customer to live with an EV, and to use the ORA Good Cat like how he or she uses an ICE car. For some, it may be a completely seamless transition.

If you’re convinced that ORA Good Cat will be a good road companion, GWM will assist with the trade-in of your existing ICE car, with additional support. This means that you’ll get to skip the hassle of putting your car up for sale. Visit a GWM dealer to sign up for the extended test drive, and to determine your current car’s value.

Even after you’ve signed on the dotted line and the ORA Good Cat is yours to play with, GWM will help ease you into EV life by offering RM1,000 of charging credits, even as you familiarise yourself with the EV charging network in your area.

GWM makes it easy to convert from ICE to EVs – ORA Good Cat now with 2-day test drive, trade-in support

Plenty of discussion on EVs tend to focus on Malaysia’s public charging infrastructure, which is claimed to be inadequate to support EVs as daily cars. If you’re in major cities, and especially if you live in the Klang Valley, that may not be true – in any case, the number of public chargers is growing as we speak.

In truth, if you have access to home charging, you won’t need to rely much on public chargers, and a full charge will be able to last most urban users a few days (up to 500 km range for the ORA Good Cat 500 Ultra). GWM has got all your charging needs covered – ORA Good Cat buyers will enjoy complimentary portable and home chargers. Buyers will also get free accessories.

Last, but certainly not least, is peace of mind in the long run. The ORA Good Cat comes with a five-year or 150,000 km warranty (whichever comes first), while its EV battery has a specific eight-year or 180,000 km warranty. It’s a transition from ICE to electric made made simple, and best of all, you can try out the EV lifestyle first before you commit. For more info and details, contact GWM Malaysia here.