MG4 and MG ZS EV – get a free wallbox charger or charging credits with every purchase, until April 30

Electrification is opening up new chapters in the automotive arena, with electric vehicles offering not just emissions-free motoring, but exhilarating performance and introducing cutting-edge technology as well. The neatest part is that consumers have more options on that front than ever before.

The latest to debut on the Malaysian scene is a brand with a long heritage, arriving with an impressive range of innovative, trendy vehicles. Morris Garages is a name steeped with plenty of history, and the new MG range of EVs continues that proud tradition of the British marque, now delivered via its dynamic partnership with SAIC Motor, with a host of iconic, fun-to-drive vehicles, very much geared for the young and young-at-heart.

MG Motor Malaysia’s two debut models are comprehensive in their range, offering entry into the MG world via many price points. The star of the show is the MG4, available here in four variants. The range starts at RM103,999 for the Standard, rising up to RM128,999 for the Lux and RM148,999 for the Lux Extended, with the MG4 XPower high-performance variant topping the range at RM158,999.

MG4 and MG ZS EV – get a free wallbox charger or charging credits with every purchase, until April 30

All MG4 variants come with an impressive seven-year/150,000 km vehicle warranty and an eight-year/180,000 km battery warranty. You’ll also get a one-for-one battery swap if the battery’s health drops below 70% during the warranty period.

Each offers a blend of exceptional performance and value. Power outputs range from 170 PS (125 kW) and 250 Nm on the Standard, which can get from zero to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds, to 203 PS (150 kW) on the Lux and 245 PS (180 kW) and 350 Nm on the Lux Extended. The XPower is undoutedly the one to pick if it’s performance you’re after, because its dual motors produce 435 PS (320 kW) and 600 Nm, allowing it to do 0-100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds.

As for range, the Standard’s 51 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery delivers 350 km of travel on a single charge, while the Lux’s 64 kWh nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) battery provides a longer 435 km range. The Lux Extended gets an even larger 77 kWh battery, offering to 520 km on a single charge. The XPower is equipped with a 64 kWh battery, offering it 385 km of high-performance travel. Charge times for the models vary from 6.1 hours to 8.5 hours via AC charging to 26 minutes and 38 minutes via DC fast charging.

Safety and convenience come via the brand’s MG Pilot driver assistance suite and MG iSmart mobile app. MG Pilot’s safety features include autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with stop and go, lane centring assist, a driver attention alert and auto high beam, as well as blind spot monitoring with collision prevention, rear cross traffic alert and a door opening warning.

As for the iSmart mobile app, this provides a host of functions that enable the user to find their MG4, plan routes, check on the status of the vehicle including battery charging management and more, ensuring one is always connected to the car.

If you’re looking for an EV with exceptional value, combining practicality, innovation and performance into a single package, then the ZS EV is surely the right pick. The electric SUV, priced at RM125,999, is equipped with a 176 PS/280 Nm front motor, which gets it from 0-100 km/h in eight seconds. A 51.1 kWh LFP battery offers up to 320 km of range, and the battery can be charged in eight hours via AC and from 10-80% in 65 minutes via DC charging.

MG4 and MG ZS EV – get a free wallbox charger or charging credits with every purchase, until April 30

To ensure peace of mind, the company has introduced a MG Insurance Program (MIP), which brings about many benefits, including unlimited towing cost coverage, home wallbox charger coverage (up to RM10,000 reimbursement should the wallbox charger be stolen or damaged by external factors) and betterment and waiver of excess up to 10 years.

Buyers who purchase an MG vehicle before April 30, 2024, stand to get a host of goodies, including a free 7 kW wallbox charger (with installation) worth RM4,600 for the MG ZS EV and MG4 Standard, or a free 11 kW wallbox charger (with installation) worth RM5,200 for the MG4 Lux. MG4 Lux Extended Range and XPower buyers get 1,000 free charging credits with DC Handal and JomCharge.

Learn more about the MG4 and MG ZS EVs on MG Motor Malaysia’s website. You can also visit the company’s official Facebook page, or its Instagram and Tiktok, to find out more.