Switch to a Carro Certified hybrid car that’s as good as new to save on both your purchase price and fuel bills

Malaysians might soon have to brace themselves for higher petrol prices as according to reports, the government might reduce subsidies for petrol this year in order to reduce the country’s fiscal deficit.

Unsubsidised fuel like RON95 currently (at publishing time) goes for RM3.16 per litre as that is the price at unsubsidised fuel station Double in border towns like Perlis. That is a huge difference compared to the current subsidised RON 95 price of RM2.05.

One way to tackle this would be to make the move to an EV, but what if the EV lifestyle doesn’t suit you? One way would be to go for a hybrid car instead.

There is a wide range of hybrid cars on the market, from advanced German and Swedish PHEVs to affordable, proven and reliable Japanese hybrids.

Carro Certified has a range of hybrid cars that mainly consist of Japanese Hybrids such as the Honda City Hybrid, Honda HR-V Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid. A lot of them are under 5 years old therefore they still have plenty of the manufacturer’s warranty intact for peace of mind.

Carro Certified benefits:

– 160 point inspection
– 5 day money back guarantee
– 12 month warranty for engine and gearbox
– no mileage tampering
– no major accidents, fire and flood damage

From RM 562 a month
RM 51,300
From RM 611 a month
RM 55,800
From RM 809 a month
RM 73,800
From RM 811 a month
RM 74,000
From RM 874 a month
RM 79,800
From RM 918 a month
RM 83,800
From RM 952 a month
RM 86,900
From RM 1,039 a month
RM 94,800
From RM 1,269 a month
RM 115,800
From RM 1,269 a month
RM 115,800
From RM 1,280 a month
RM 116,800
From RM 1,335 a month
RM 121,800
From RM 1,335 a month
RM 121,800
From RM 1,368 a month
RM 124,800
From RM 1,369 a month
RM 124,900
From RM 1,565 a month
RM 142,800
From RM 2,527 a month
RM 230,600
From RM 2,573 a month
RM 234,800

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