Proton has posted new prices of Proton cars on their website. This is for Proton Edar. EON managing director Datuk Syed Hisham Syed Wazir said it has yet to receive an updated price list for Proton vehicles. EON is a Proton SuperDealer here in Malaysia.

Looking at the pricelist, the biggest percentage and ringgit cut off the previous sticker price would be the Proton Savvy 1.2 AMT Solid, which received a 7.5% price cut of RM3,387.93. It retails for RM42,050.07 now. The lowest price cut in terms of percentage and ringgit was the Proton Saga LMST, a 2.7% cut of only RM1026. It retails for RM36,359.01 now. The prices of the Proton Perdana V6 Enhanced and the Proton Chancellor V6 remains the same.

For the full list, please go here.