I am driving a 1984 Nissan Sunny 130Y. The original engine was a single overhead cam carburetted 8 valve 1.3 litre engine called the E13. It made about 65 horsepower. It still runs very well after 2 engine transplants (now running an E15 carburetted 8 valve SOHC 1.5 litre – 67hp), albeit the NVH has gone quite horrible, which makes the ride at highway speeds pretty deafening for me due to wind noise but it sure doesn’t harm other road users.

I’ve just got back from Langkawi from the Honda Accord Media Drive event to be greeted by updates on the possible car scrap policy. Nanyang.com.my posted a piece of news on the controversial Car Scrapping Policy which is rumoured to find it’s way into the soon to be announced Budget 2007.

The report quotes industry sources saying the policy will be imposed on cars aged 15 years and older, to ensure:

  1. More orderly road traffic
  2. Safety for road users
  3. A cleaner environment

There are currently 80,000 cars on the road over 15 years of age, and most of them are Protons. The scrapping rebate previously suggested is not to be given out by the government, but by national makes – thus making the rebate effective for purchasing a new national make vehicle only.

Nanyang’s report doesn’t exactly have the most solid sources or references, so we don’t really know whether it will be implemented or not until the Budget 2007 is announced. Are you ready to commit yourself to another 9 grueling years of loan repayment?

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By the way, happy Merdeka Day to all Malaysians!