Weststar LDV Sdn Bhd will soon launch a short-wheelbase MPV version of it’s Weststar LDV van for private use targetted at middle-income earners, and willl price it slightly over RM100,000. The Weststar LDV is basically a rebadged LDV Maxus light commercial vehicle, with the CKD kit coming from UK and assembled locally at DRB-HICOM’s plant in Pekan with 18% local content.

Originally production was planned for sales of 50 vehicles a month, but overwhelming response and 200 orders upon launching have prompted Weststar LDV to consider upping production to 1,200 units a year. Weststar also plans to export the vehicle to countries like Vietnam and Indonesia under the Weststar LDV Maxus badge.

I think some of you may remember the name Weststar. Yes, the company belongs to Syed Azman’s Weststar group of companies, who used to hold the franchise APs for Honda.