BMW Concept 5-Series GT

Apparently there was a hole in the BMW line-up. It found a set of customers that it could not reach because it did not have a product that was suitable for them. These aging customers found the traditional seating position of the 5-series too sporty but the elevated seating position of the BMW X6 too imposing. Mostly the work of BMW designer Christopher Weil, this BMW Concept 5-Series Gran Turismo is likely to remain mostly the same into production. Most of the styling will also likely be implemented on the regular 5-Series Sedan and Touring to maintain a family resemblance.

Plenty will and already have been crying foul of yet another automotive word twisted beyond its traditional meaning. Think of a GT and the likes of an Aston Martin or a Maserati GranTurismo comes to mind. This looks nothing like it. BMW’s GT looks like a slammed-down lowered BMW X6. It also has a dual-operation two-piece tailgate, which you can see working in the images below. It has frameless doors, and a panoramic glass sunroof. Like the X6, it only has 4 seats in this concept version, but the production version will have the option for either a 4-seater or 5-seater version. With the rear seats folded down, maximum loading capacity is a massive 1,650 litres. The rear seats can be adjusted fore and aft individually by up to 100mm, and also has backrest recline angle adjustment. These are all via electronic adjustment.

BMW Concept 5-Series GT

The 5-Series GT has a longer wheelbase than the next generation F10 5-Series is expected to have, which is likely to be just under 3,000mm. In fact, at 3,070mm it has the same wheelbase as the F01 7-Series. The next generation long-wheelbase 5-Series Sedan (sold in China) is also expected to have this wheelbase length. So we’re probably looking at a single platform with 3 different lengths – one for the F10 5-Series, one for the 5-Series GT, the LWB 5-Series and the F01 SWB 7-Series, and the longest for the F02 7-Series and probably a Rolls-Royce.

The GT’s length of 4998mm and height of 1555mm is safetly under the longest of BMW’s – the 7-Series and the tallest – the X models. It’s a sort of in-between car, a true “Crossover”, not the Silver kind of course, though I am sure the new GT will be available in Silver, for those that don’t fancy the “Fluid Cuprite” colour in these product photos, a shade that BMW says was specially developed for this car.

BMW Concept 5-Series GT

The idea of having the smaller opening portion of the two-piece tailgate is so that small items can be loaded into the rear without creating any drafts or unnecessary temperature changes into the passenger compartment. This can be particularly felt in above average hot or cold climates. Bulky objects can be loaded by opening the traditional large tailgate.

The classic BMW corona rings (angel eyes in street speak) in the headlamps are now powered by LED, which is a first in a factory BMW. Many of the features that debuted in the 7-Series makes its way into the 5-Series GT, such as the black panel technology, and large iDrive Control Display. The new headlamps and large front grille are also similiar to the ones on the 7-Series, which I think we can assume firmly cements this as the new look for this generation of BMW’s under von Hooydonk’s watch. In person, they look better in dark colours.

Look after the jump for a full hi-res gallery as well as two videos of the new BMW Concept 5-Series Gran Turismo.

PHOTO GALLERY: BMW Concept 5-Series GT

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