Is it a coincidence that both arch-rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz chose to showcase their next generation D-segment luxury cars (5-Series and E-Class) in concept form as a coupe-estate-crossover of sorts? They also both feature plush interiors with only 4 seats, but 4 that are dedicated to offering a very high level of comfort.

The only difference is while the ConceptFASCINATION remains just that for now – a concept car, the BMW Concept 5-Series Gran Turismo will actually get a production version, one that BMW says will hit spot on at a certain target group – the aging deep-pocketed customer who finds the traditional 5-Series seating position too sporty and the BMW X6’s seating position too high and imposing.

Given that sometimes these car manufacturers actually emulate each other, especially if they see their competitor’s new niche product gaining commercial success (look at all the new 4-door coupes out there), if the 5-Series GT hits the jackpot, will we see the ConceptFASCINATION design enter production status sometime in the future?