Toyota LogoIndia is a place where you can sell cheap and cheerful mini cars with completely insane volumes, and everyone wants to cash in. The current market leader is Suzuki but more companies have announced that they have a compact car for India in the works.

Tune in to the New Delhi auto show coverage come 5th January 2010 to find out what Toyota has in store for India. The Japanese company revealed today that they will be unveiling a new compact car “concept” designed for the Indian market in January next year, alongside 13 other concept and production cars including the facelifted Prado, facelifted Fortuner, Innova, i-REAL, Fine-S, etc.

This is not new news to us. We previously heard back in October this year that Toyota and Daihatsu are working on a new small car that can be sold for less than US$11,000 (RM37,268) in emerging economies like India and Brazil. That is certainly possible, considering in our very own market the Toyota/Daihatsu-linked Perodua Viva BX is sold for RM25,300, a good amount lower than the threshold price set by Toyota/Daihatsu.

I won’t be surprised if the concept car will have loads of Daihatsu genes in it, after all it is Daihatsu which are the small car specialists in the Toyota group, and tight Japanese roads have given them loads of practise on how to really optimise space and NVT in a tiny car.