Tuesday was a seriously busy day for our team as there was a few events about town that we had to go to, including one of our company’s own, which we will write about shortly ;) After going back and forth between the Golden Triangle area and Bandar Utama we decided to have dinner at the Pavilion.

After dinner we took the opportunity to take a closer look at the Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing that was still on exhibit there. There were actually two cars at Pavilion – one located at the Concourse area next to the Lotus Racing T127 while the other was located outdoors. By this time it was around 10PM so it was much easier to get some photos that we missed earlier during the crowded launch event.

So here’s are some more ‘close-up’ photos of the car…

This is the engine bay, where a few upgraded parts can be found. I personally think the red Campro CPS engine cover should have been painted yellow or green or perhaps both to match the rest of the car.

Here’s a close up of the exhaust extractors.

And this is the carbon fiber air box.

The top of the Ohlins fully adjustable suspension system – this is where you’re able to adjust the settings for the front suspension.

And this knob in the boot is where you adjust the rear suspension’s settings – there’s one on each side of the boot.

The dashboard has green in it – looks kinda weird if you ask me. The only car with a green dash I’ve seen is a friend’s Mercedes-Benz W123.

The seats are wrapped with Nappa leather.

Here’s the engine start button. It has a green glow to it. You have to twist the key in and then only can you press this button to start up the car. It only cranks, it doesn’t shut off the car.

And so that’s pretty much it. You can look after the jump for a full hi-res photo gallery of all the close-up photos we snapped of the car. You’ll also find a video of the car’s exhaust note when being revved at idle. This was the car located outside so no, we didn’t pollute the interior of the Pavilion with exhaust smoke!

[zenphotopress number=999 album=1007]