Looking at automotive photography and accompanying text is one thing but there’s nothing like watching the wheels we love in action, in motion. That can only be accomplished with video. 2 years ago we realized that there was an emptiness on the television screens in regard to local motoring. So our team got to work to see if we could fix that. Finally all our sweat and time has been worth it. its finally here! After 2 years of hard work, our team are proud to present to you a brand new motoring television program that will premiere on 8TV on the 11th of April 2010 (Sunday) at 10.30pm.

Television viewers will probably familiar with international motoring programs such as the ones that end with the word ‘gear’ – Top Gear and Fifth Gear. There are also other motoring or motorsports programs on Astro but only the above two can be classified as auto review programs. But where is a show that not only reviews vehicles that are relevant to the Malaysian market as well as feature other local motoring or motorsports features? We believe that Driven might be the answer to this question.

The program will specifically showcase unbiased auto reviews on cars ranging from the most affordable to the ones that most of us can only dream of owning, motor sport features, classic car reviews as well as other informative segments. There will also be an opinion segment called the Insider Review fronted by yours truly :)

In a TV show, entertainment is key and this must also mesh nicely with the information that we would like to convey. Which is why the program will be treated with some humor and a high-quality production that is pleasing to the eyes. We didn’t scrimp on production budget as we hope to raise the bar when it comes to locally produced TV shows. This isn’t a camcorder show – we used proper equipment, good cameramen and top notch editing. Our first-time producer Nazrudin Habibur Rahman is fantastic and I’m pretty sure this won’t be his first and last production! Our aim is to make the show entertaining yet informative to suit both passionate motoring enthusiasts as well as those who don’t fancy the technicality.

There will also be an interesting weekly contest called the Double Barrel Hunt where you can win attractive prizes from BHPetrol, Nokia and V-Kool. You can find out more about this on the show. A selected few will also score invites to the Driven Track Day where you will be ‘chauffeured’ in a race car by a real race car driver, thanks to a partnership with Empire Motorsports.

Selecting the right hosts is important as well and the end result is Sharizan Borhan, Nurul Alis and Harvinder Singh. To most of you, Sharizan in an entertainer and is often referred to as Malaysia’s King of Swing but to us he is a petrol head who loves everything that has wheels, be it two or four. Alis spent many years with RTM in front of the camera lens and her passion for drifting and racing is a perfect fit for the program. Lastly, Harvinder is a motoring journalist that is familiar name especially on this blog as well as The Star’s Star Motoring pull-out. We hope our hosts will give a good balance of professional hosting ability as well as passion for motoring. And most importantly we hope that Driven will be the local motoring television show that you all have been waiting for.

Of course, video content of a few minutes can never convey the kind of information that detailed test drive review stories such as those on this site can deliver. We only have a half an hour slot so don’t expect us to perform magic with limited time ;)

You can enjoy all 13 episodes on 8TV as well as on Driven’s website at www.driven.com.my. Here you will be able to catch-up on any episodes you’ve missed. Of course all of this would not have been possible without our strategic partner BHPetrol who believed in our team, even though we are a first season production and don’t have existing numbers to prove ourselves with.

So we hope you can support us and make the show a success. Be sure to tune in every week and tell all your friends about this brand new show. Be sure to catch Driven every Sunday beginning April 11th at 10.30pm, only on 8TV.