General Motors is recalling 162,000 Hummer H3 SUVs (model year 2006 to 2010) in the US to rectify loose clips on the vehicle’s hood vent louvres. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the integral clip-tabs on the louvres may fracture, causing them to rattle against the hood and become loose. If this goes unnoticed, additional clips could fracture and the louvres could fly off the H3.

Remember what happened to Felipe Massa at last year’s Hungarian GP? Now imagine a long and sharp louvre flying off a Hummer, scary isn’t it?

Dealers will apply an adhesive to the said louvres to secure it, free of charge. US owners of the H3 are advised to contact their dealers for details. There are some H3s running around in Malaysia, and I noticed that Chevrolet dealer Cergazam had a few of these hulks for sale (not sure if they still do, the Hummer brand is history now). From now on, I’ll make a mental note to stay clear of any Hummers on our roads!