Volkswagen’s Spanish marque SEAT have added an “R” to the Leon range. The new Leon Cupra R adds 25 PS and 50Nm to the “normal” Leon Cupra’s power count, resulting in a new total of 265 PS and 350Nm of torque. This is thanks to an increased boost pressure of a maximum 1.9 bar at peak output and 2.2 bar at peak torque, compared to 1.8 bar for the regular 240 PS Leon Cupra.

Other than the increased boost pressure, the engine also has a new high-pressure fuel pump injector to satisfy the greater performance demands and allow it to meet strict EU5 emissions standards. The manual gearbox has also been revised to have a shorter throw. To put all of this power down to the ground properly, the car gets XDS which is an electronically simulated differential lock.

The new Leon Cupra R is limited to around 500 units a year and goes for £25,205 in the UK. No SEAT here in Malaysia, and Volkswagen’s other stablemate that can be found in Malaysia doesn’t have particularly exciting cars – no “RS” or “VRS” models from Skoda here. Look after the jump for a full gallery of the Leon Cupra R.

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