Here’s a novel way to keep your customers happy, especially if they’re waiting for their new ride to arrive and it’s taking way longer than expected. Over in the UK, Hyundai has come up with a rather interesting plan, one that sees customers waiting for their new ix35 (the Tucson over here) to arrive to get an ix35 in the meantime.

Confusing? Not, once the details become clear. Seems that demand for the ix35 has been unprecedented, not only across Europe but also worldwide, resulting in supply not being able to meet demand, especially so in the case of the 2.0 litre diesel derivative.

So, in what is a unique approach, the UK office has come up with this: 200 of its longest waiting customers who have booked the 2.0 diesel SUVs will be offered a 1.7 litre diesel ix35, of which there is ready stock of. They purchase the manual 1.7, use it until their original 2.0 order arrives, at which point they trade-in the two-wheel drive 1.7 for the same price they paid for it, paying only the difference in the price of the 1.7 and 2.0 diesel versions.

The no-cost implications offer, which runs till the end of the month, also sees Hyundai giving the customer £300 to cover the costs incurred for arranging finance and insurance on two cars instead of one. The company is currently looking at the feasibility of rolling out this offer to other customers.

It’s a great deal for the UK ix35 buyer, so guess that’s one for them then. Don’t expect to be seeing something like this happening here from any car company, certainly not on this scale, if ever.