Mitsubishi’s older models aren’t doing very well in the USA, and some will be killed off. Those on death row are the Eclipse, Eclipse Spyder and Endeavor SUV, while the Galant’s future will be decided later, according to Yoichi Yokozawa, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America.

Production will stop in August this year, and the freed capacity at MMNA’s Illinois plant will be taken over by the Outlander Sport (ASX to us) starting next year. MMNA says that it will built 50,000 units of the compact crossover per year at the plant and export around half of that number.

The Eclipse is no stranger to those who have followed the Fast and Furious franchise. The second-gen Eclipse was driven by Paul Walker in the first F&F and in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Tyrese drove a third-gen Eclipse Spyder. The current fourth-gen Eclipse made its debut in 2006. The yellow car you see here sporting a Nissan GT-R style nose is a 2009 model year GT.

The Endeavor is an old school SUV built for the American market. It has never achieved sales targets since launch in 2003, and is not a surprise candidate for the chop, looking out of place among today’s smaller and more fuel efficient crossovers.