Economy driving world champion Gerhard Plattner has taken a Skoda Fabia GreenLine from Austria to Denmark and back, a distance of 2,006 km, on just one 45 litre tankful of diesel. The Austrian began his journey on May 10 in Reutte, Austria, and made his way to Bov, Denmark before travelling back, mainly using Germany’s longest motorway, the A 7, for his trip.

The result means the 1.2 litre diesel-powered car achieved a record-low consumption of 2.21 litres per 100 km, a significant jump from the Europe-standardised model’s already frugal consumption of 3.4 l/100 km. The refuelling, as well as Plattner’s whole trip, were supervised by International Police Motor Corporation (IPMC), which also sealed the fuel tank before Plattner set out from Reutte.