Honda Malaysia is undertaking what it calls a “product update campaign” for its Stream, involving 2008 to 2010 model year vehicles, with a total of 1,494 units involved. This is aimed at addressing a technical irregularity involving the water pump pulley bolts, caused by a burr around the periphery of the bolt-mounting hole.

Essentially, a burr is a raised edge formed from the machining operation, which in drilled holes can cause issues, such as that happening here with the Stream.

Honda Malaysia said in a statement that owners with affected units may observe a few symptoms including the constant display of warning lights on the speedometer and a noise from water pump. In the long run, the burr will cause the pulley bolt to become loose and the bolt may break.

When that happens, the auxiliary belt will loosen and eventually detach from the alternator. As the supply of current is interrupted, the electric power steering assist will gradually come to a halt that makes maneuvering difficult. There is also a possibility that the engine may stall.

Upon inspection, all affected units will be replaced with new water pump pulley bolts. The company is in the midst of preparing the replacement parts, and necessary inspection and replacement will be carried out when the parts are ready. Honda Malaysia added that all current selling models are not affected.

Meanwhile, in related news, reports say that Honda will be recalling about 200,000 passenger cars globally due to the issue above. The company said it had received 63 customer reports in Japan of engine malfunctions as a result of the defect, but said none had led to accidents.

In Japan, it will recall 50,122 units of the Stream, Civic and Crossroad that were made at its domestic plants between July 2008 and July 2010. “Globally there are some 200,000 cars, including those in Japan, with similar troubles,” a Honda spokesman said, adding that it would recall about 100,000 units in South America and 6,800 in Europe.