Volkswagen Group Malaysia is looking forward to being a bigger player in the Malaysian market, and will soon have some locally assembled models to fight alongside the brand’s fully imported variants.

The CKD models, starting with the Passat, will be more competitively priced, and are sure to increase volumes significantly. The brand offensive starts now, and VGM is using the Volkswagen.Das Auto.Show 2011 to convince Malaysians that VW is the “people’s car” for us.

Located at the carpark of the National Stadium at Bukit Jalil, the Das Auto.Show is a big budget showcase for VW’s cars and tech. Comprising a “Mega Dome” and the “Caterpillar Dome”, the temporary white structures are clearly visible from the main road. There’s also a giant banner hung on the stadium to tell everyone why they’ve been sitting in a jam.

We attended the preview session for VIPs and the media yesterday night, and came away impressed at the scale of this “roadshow”. As far as I remember, never before have Malaysia seen such an elaborate and expensive showcase of this scale, and yesterday’s audience were wowed by the show. It felt more like a VW Group major motor show preview night than a local event, and it was obvious that VGM went all out to impress.

The Mega Dome (42m diameter, 21m tall) is laid out auditorium style, with an elevated ring that will see 12 moving cars circle 360 degrees around you. A backdrop is projected on the walls of the dome for a virtual reality effect, and there’s a huge VW logo on top of the igloo like structure.

VGM says that it’s the largest full dome projection system of its kind in the world. Cars such as the new Beetle, Golf and Passat Variant, Passat Sedan, Polo Sedan, Amarok, CrossTouran, Pheaton and Scirocco R were shown and explained here.

The connecting Caterpillar Dome on the other hand, is a 100m long curve shaped like the creature. Held up by air and free of columns, it houses the models that VGM currently sells such as the Eos, Golf GTI and TSI, Touareg and Polo. There’s also a huge F&B area with merchandise booths.

“The show gives the audience an in-depth understanding of why the Volkswagen brand appeals to drivers in more than 150 countries. The show explains Volkswagen’s vision that motivates trust amongst consumers, representing German engineering and reliability,” said Ricky Tay, VGM’s MD.

The best thing for the public is that admission is free. The Volkswagen.Das Auto.Show 2011 will be open to public this weekend (10-11 Sept) from 10am till 10pm. What can you expect to see there? Check out our live gallery and video after the jump!