There’s something brewing at Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM). We first noticed teaser ads featured in a local daily two days ago, and the same three teaser images have surfaced on their official website as well.

All three images of the to-be-launched models zoom in at their headlamps, and all point to the date 21 October, so we should expect a triple launch from VGM.

As for the identity of the models, based on the teasers, yours truly is guessing that the grey car (Are you a visionary leader?) with the four bar chrome grill is the Passat, the blue car without LED DRLs (Do you see a step ahead of your peers?) is the Jetta, and the brown car (Are you illuminatingly unconventional?) is perhaps a CrossTouran.

However, I noticed that a report in Tuesday’s Starbiz mentioned Polo Sedan, Jetta and CrossTouran, so perhaps they know something we don’t. What do you think?