Finding a celebrity that embodies what one is selling is a tried and tested formula. It works like this: Perhaps if I spray on more Hugo Boss perfume, than I can be as suave as Ryan Reynolds. Or if she uses SK-II religiously, she’ll be as desirable as Gong Li when she’s 45. The Fiat 500C Gucci Edition is elegant, thinks its maker, so they have chosen Jennifer Lopez to endorse the small car.

“No matter where you’re from, elegance is hard work. It’s taking style, performance, and originality, and making them look easy,” says Jenny from the Block, who is seen driving an Empire State plated black Fiat around NYC.

The ad shows what’s special about this 500C – the Gucci badge on the tailgate, the brand’s famous green-red-green stripe on the folding fabric roof, the same stripe on the seatbelts and the Double G logo on the shifter. For girlfriends and wives, those are the equipment that count, not horsepower, torque or an extra cog.

I know what car I want, if I was a rich girl. Wait, that’s the wrong singer!