You may have already seen these motor oils on the shelf but Shell has just officially unveiled their expanded Helix motor oil line up. The line up now includes a new ‘Fuel Economy’ product, denoted by the letter ‘E’, and upgrades two of its best selling motor oil.

In total, there are now seven products in the Helix line up – Ultra, HX7, HX7 E, HX7 Diesel, HX5, HX5 E and HX 3.

New to the range is the Helix HX7 E. It is formulated with special synthetic base oils, friction-reducing molecules and has a low viscosity at low temperatures. Which means this new formulation is thin enough to flow during morning start-ups and thick enough to protect the engine’s metal surfaces from friction when it is hot.

Shell’s Active Cleansing Technology is also thrown into the mix to remove sludge and resist degradation throughout the oil-change interval. Shell also claims that cars filled with HX7 E can deliver lower fuel consumption as well as a smoother and quieter drive.

Other than its new product, Shell has also upgraded the Ultra and HX7 to performance levels that exceed the highest specification in the market, API SN, a feat that is a first for the company. Not only the new Ultra and HX7 is better than their previous API SM performance standard, these motor oils is also said to help prevent oil leaks with certain engine seals.

It has nothing to do with the physical material of the seal itself. Instead, this characteristic has more to do with the oil’s high sludge control and its performance in high temperatures that makes the oil more compatible to the engine seals.

Shell is also running the Shell Helix ‘Get Your Heart Racing’ contest where buying a four litre Shell Helix pack can get you a ticket to Italy. While you are there, you will visit Maranello, shop in Milan and catch the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. We ran a post about this previously; click here to read it in full.

So, whether you want high-performance engine oil or one that stretches your fuel mileage, Shell Helix may have what you need.