The Panamera will no longer be Porsche’s only four-door child. The baby Pana, codenamed Pajun, will be introduced by 2017 and will bring the total model lines to six.

Price tag for the Pajun will be between 65,000 euros and 100,000 euros. Porsche’s new sedan will compete with the Mercedes-Benz E class and CLS coupe cars, says Auto Bild. However, the German car magazine did not cite any sources.

Porsche may also add another model to the line up, bringing the total to seven from the current four – 911, Boxster/Cayman series, Cayenne and Panamera. The fifth, the Macan compact SUV, will go into production next year.

The Pajun code name stands for Panamera Junior, similiar to the Macan’s code name which was Cajun, or Cayenne junior.