The next generation of Chrysler cars may not look like a rendition of a car by a four year old, like the one pictured above. The new cars could be much sleeker.

Design Chief Ralph Giles said that vehicles such as the Audi A7 and the newly redesigned Toyota Avalon are proof that mid-sized sedans can have aerodynamic designs of a sports car. Which means that the design team will be spending most of the time in the wind tunnel in order to pen a more wind-slicing vehicle.

Giles said, “We’ll have no choice but to be some of the most wind-swept vehicles that you’ve ever seen.” The team spends between 200 to 300 hours in the wind tunnel to analyze the aerodynamics during the design process. Previously, they would only spend around 100 hours in the tunnel.

So, the new vehicles will have a more sculptured look. This wind of change might just be what Chrysler needs to revolutionise the brand.

Source: Automotive News