I know, I know, we promised you a prize but it turns out we have three prizes to give away to our three winners. Well, technically one prize to be shared by three winners.

What’s the prize? Well, thanks to our generous friends at UMW Toyota, the three winners will get to ‘own’ the Toyota 86 for a day. Yes, you read that right. You will get to drive the Toyota 86 sometime in July 2012. We told you it will be worth your time.

So, after weeks of head scratching and chin rubbing, we have arrived at the conclusion. The winners we’re judged by their craftwork, photo composition and how wide our eyes went when seeing the picture. And the winners are, in alphabetical order:

  • Ann Ng
  • Jason Ngiam
  • Mohd. Shahrin Idris

Congratulations to the three of you. We will be in contact soon via Facebook to make arrangements. So get your Driver’s License and yourself ready. It will be a drive to remember.

Once again, thanks to all who participated! :)