It would appear that Honda will not only be launching the Honda Civic 1.8 and 2.0 this week, but we’ll probably also see the reintroduction of the Honda Civic Hybrid in Malaysia.

Plenty of indications that the new Civic Hybrid will be launched has started appearing online in the social media space. The brochure scan you see above from a Honda dealer first appeared on Facebook late last month.

The Civic Hybrid was a nice offering as it offered Malaysians the unique opportunity to purchase at an affordable price a Honda that is not only fully imported from Japan, but with an advanced propulsion system that combined a small internal combustion engine with an electric motor.

The best part is it was contained in a family-friendly sedan body, with one of the largest interior spaces in its class, so it was easy to accept as it had the regular Civic’s body thus it was a familiar car. Before the last generation Civic Hybrid was discontinued, it went for only RM108,980, which was tremendous value for money and the cheapest Civic variant in its generation.

Next, an auto accessories shop posted up a gallery of various pre-delivery units of the 9th generation Honda Civic, which included a rear shot of the Civic Hybrid.

The Civic Hybrid differentiates itself from its regular siblings with a different tail lamp design that has some blue tinting in it, and this blue tint theme carries on at the front of the car with the headlamps and one of the bars on the front grille.

Another interesting bit we spotted in the gallery – it looks like the top of the line model could have a navigation system built in! We recognise the Garmin-based user interface, which is good news since Garmin maps are pretty mature.

Check out the full gallery on Facebook by clicking here.