It was just under a year ago that Goodyear introduced the successor to its much-vaunted Eagle F1 GSD-3 tyre into the Malaysian market , and the Eagle F1 Directional 5 has certainly been keeping the flag flying for the brand here.

As is already known, the D5 isn’t the flagship donut (that honour now belongs to the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2), but the midrange ultra high performance tyre brings performance to a larger audience, and that’s its biggest appeal.

The tyremaker aimed squarely at aftermarket tuned sports cars and sporty coupes when designing the D5, so the likes of the Nissan 350Zs and Mazda RX-8s are pretty much the intended scope for the model.

We sampled the rubbers at its regional launch last year at the Kaengkrachan circuit near Hua Hin, and its improved performance over touring tyres and basic rubber were readily apparent, which is good news for those upgrading from those.

The Directional 5 sports an aggressive directional tread pattern, helping to give it distinction and more than a modicum of sporty appeal, and the dynamic look of the tyre allows superb styling for kit-ups and alloy wheel matching.

Though not as dramatically outlined as its predecessor, the D5‘s tread design offers better performance over the old in areas of wet braking and mileage, as well as a radically improved worn noise performance over the GSD-3.

Key features include what Goodyear terms SportGrip Technology, a combination of a solid centre line rib – replete with stamped Goodyear logo on it – and a continuous shoulder rib with high weight polymers and a race-inspired compound.

All this, as well as the tread’s optimised cavity shape (which provides a squarer footprint and a more even pressure distribution) help to make the D5 a grippier and more responsive tyre than its predecessor. And it’s quieter by more than a fair bit too.

With a wide variety of sizes – 17 in all, ranging from 195/50 R15 to 245/45 R18 profiles – and a very competitive pricing starting from RM290 right up to RM705 a pop, there’s likely a D5 to be found for your ride in that heady mix.