The next generation W222 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is due for a world debut soon, and in a little tease show Mercedes-Benz’s engineers have decided to shed some of that black camo that they’ve been putting on their test cars.

Although immediately recognisable as an S-Class, the design cues are rather CLS-esque, like a bigger, buffer version of Mercedes-Benz’s sexy four door coupe. The character line on the side drops towards the rear of the car just like the CLS too.

But unlike the CLS and the E, there’s no ‘hump’ over the rear wheel. Something that’s exiting the design language after a short run? The E facelift seems to have lost this as well. The boot lid has also been reshaped.

We’ve also added our previously featured spyshots of the interior into the full gallery below as a recap.