Renowned Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina has released a rendering of its upcoming Sergio concept, which is set to be unveiled at Geneva tomorrow. We’ve covered its first teaser image shown last month, and here we can finally see the exclusive topless sportscar in more detail.

Built in honour of Sergio Pininfarina, Life Senator and Honorary Chairman of the Pininfarina Group who passed away in July last year, the Pininfarina Sergio concept is a bold low-slung, mid-engined two-seat barchetta that’s sure to take your breath away. It’s certainly worthy of the task and name.

Pininfarina says the Sergio “renews the spirit of the extraordinary achievements born under Sergio Pininfarina’s guide, projecting them towards the future in the name of exclusivity, innovation and passion.” The rendering above shows that the sharp-nosed sportscar has no traces of doors, a roof or even a windscreen for that matter, much like a KTM X-Bow in concept.

We’ll have to wait till tomorrow for images and technical details of the real thing, but as far as concept renderings go, this one takes the cake doesn’t it?