wonder woman kia sportage 01

Over in New York, a very special Kia Sportage has made its debut, and it has Wonder Woman dressed all over it. The customised SUV is the seventh of eight special vehicles that Kia and DC Entertainment have envisioned as part of aiding awareness for DC’s We Can Be Heroes campaign, a relief effort to battle hunger in the Horn of Africa.

The 10-month, eight vehicle partnership is based on the iconic characters that make up the Justice League – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. We’ve seen Batman’s ride, an Optima K5, as well as an intimation of The Flash’s vehicle, a Forte. After this one will come the eighth and final vehicle, an amalgamation of all seven Super Heroes in one.

Dressing up the Wonder Woman-inspired Sportage is an aero kit as well as a red and blue exterior colour scheme, complete with star accents and gold trim wrapped around the vehicle, the latter to represent the WW’s Lasso of Truth.

wonder woman sportage 08

There’s more to the outfit – Wonder Woman’s eagle chest-plate emblem finds its way on to the production grille, and the blue headlight beams are uhm, supposed to reflect her piercing blue eyes. Meanwhile, the windshield features a banner portraying WW’s tiara, and the chrome side panels on the vehicle are supposed to depict her invisible jet.

Inside, the OTT treatment continues, all in the name of the game – red upholstery and dashboard elements are mixed with blue LED lighting to continue the colour spectacle. The red seats feature an embroidered WW logo, and to round things up, the boot is adorned with stars and a see-through panel display that houses WW’s tiara, indestructible bracelets and a glowing Lasso of Truth.

Now you know exactly what Diana of Themyscira would drive, if she ever needed to drive.