Here’s the latest pair of spyshots of the next-generation MINI, courtesy of the unlikeliest source – a Reddit user. One shows the car in full camo – nothing much to note there other than the sleeker, less bulbous nose compared to the Clubman parked next to it – while the other exposes the new car’s dashboard.

Shock, horror! The centre binnacle layout that’s long been the signature element of a MINI interior has now been bastardised. Instead of having a comically large speedometer dominate the entire fascia, the circular face now houses the radio display and controls. The speedo now sits behind the wheel, in its own freestanding pod.


The current MINI in its top spec form already has a round colour screen integrated into the centre console, but at least there’s still a speedometer ring around it. Completely ditching the centre speedo concept while sneakily retaining the circular face for brand familiarity, has BMW’s MINI modernisation gone too far?

Ignore the BMW steering in the picture, that’ll be swapped with a MINI three-spoker closer to production. Following the updated Countryman and Paceman, the window switches have been moved away from the lower dashboard to the door panels, a conformist move that would push MINI fanatics even closer to the edge.

What about you? Like the changes or is it a step too far from MINI ideals?