We’ve already seen a fully undisguised regular BMW 4 Series Coupe when it was photographed in the US back in March 2013. Now our spy photographers are back with something different.

These two cars that have been sighted on test in the Nurburging are wearing the M Sport package, with some of that funky camouflage put back on. It’s definitely not an M4 because of the right side up V shape of the front bumper (M cars typically have an inverted V shaped main intake), the lack of wide body or quad exhausts, and the diffuser-less rear end.

We might be wrong, but the headlamps of the grey car also look like low spec version with halogen-powered reflector lenses instead of xenon projectors. The configuration of the tail pipes at the rear of the grey car which show two small pipes on one side of the car indicate a four cylinder engine, unlike the design on the blue car which showed a tail pipe on each side of the bumper, which is likely a 435i.