Ford Everest new T6-based render 01

Like with the previous-gen Ford Ranger, the current T6 pickup is set to spawn a Ford Everest SUV version. Over in Australia, a number of Ranger test mules with a Ford Territory tail-end slapped on them have recently been spied testing out on public roads around Melbourne.

Reports indicate that development on the SUV is being ramped up, with production targeted to begin next year, and the suggestions are that a seven-seater larger than the Territory is on the cards. While the latter should continue to be produced until 2016, going the Ranger-based SUV route will provide good cover for the Blue Oval in the short term, and there’s always the export market in any case.

Ford Everest new T6-based render 02

When it does go into production, the T6-based Everest will be built at the Ford plant in Rayong, Thailand, where the Ranger is being assembled.

In April, Theophilus Chin came up with renderings offering an intimation of what may ultimately transpire – looks meaty on the whole, and that signature Aurora Blue helps add a dash of bold to things. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if the eventual skin will look like this.