driving licenceNext month will see the introduction of a high-security driving licence, which will feature improved security measures and durability. The new style licence replaces the current laminated one, which has been around since 1989.

According to reports, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) will begin issuing the licence from July 15 at all it offices nationwide, though post office branches will only start doing so from November.

Acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the new licences will be printed using thermal transfer technology, and that a high security holographic layer would protect the driver’s information and photograph.

He said that the details on it would be printed in both Bahasa Malaysia and English to allow international recognition, and added that the switch to the new licence will not involve an additional fee – it will be maintained at RM30 a year.

The new licence will be implemented for all private vehicles owners, including car and motorcycle users for both probationary (P) and normal driving licence categories, the reports add. Switching to the new one is not compulsory as long as the current one is still valid.