Clubvan Camper-08

This is the MINI Clubvan Camper, arguably the world’s smallest luxury camper van, says MINI. Based on the commercial “premium compact delivery van” MINI Clubvan, itself based on the Clubman, the Camper has been transformed into a cozy little home on wheels.

Behind the solid side windows of the Clubvan, there is a spacious sleeping berth for one person, plus a small, extendible kitchenette complete with propane stove and chest fridge. That’s sleep, eat and drink covered.

On-board facilities includes the MINI Navigation Portable XL sat-nav, which will help drivers find their way to the most remote spots. If the weather is unkind a television can provide entertainment and chilly mornings can be made more comfortable thanks to an auxiliary heater.

Clubvan Camper-04

The Clubvan Camper’s roof has small glass panel that can be opened for ventilation (or star-gazing), while the storage rack above means owners can travel with equipment for outdoor activity. That will lead to the need to bathe, which can be done via an integrated hand-held shower with a water tank housed underneath the load floor.

Sounds quite fun, but not so applicable in our part of the world, where people aren’t so outdoorsy. For Malaysia, there’s also the issue of security. Moot point, because the Clubvan Camper is for now just a concept with no plans for production.