Excitement and expectations are abound at the upcoming 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show next month, as the Toyota Hybrid-R Concept will be unveiled. No detail whatsoever has been released, other than this picture of a new Hybrid-R logo.

The first of three teasers, the logo is a new derivation of Toyota’s familiar blue-and-silver Hybrid Synergy Drive symbol. A prominent ‘R’ replaces the stylised ‘S’, and its subtle chequered flag graphic draws connections to racing.

Touted as ‘exciting’ and ‘radical’, the new concept will “bring Toyota Hybrid System-Racing technology to the road (and track),” according to the brief press statement. The video above shows the tech as featured on Toyota’s Le Mans racer, the TS030 Hybrid.

Could this be a preview of the much-rumoured Toyota Supra replacement? We’ll know more in the coming days as more teasers are released, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, take a look back at the history of the Supra here. Surely that’ll whet your appetite for what lies ahead.