Part of the third-gen Audi A8 facelift‘s Matrix LED headlamp technology are sequentially-illuminating LED turn indicators, which Ingolstadt says will make the driver’s turning intentions clearer in poor visibility and from long distances.

Each headlamp contains 18 light-emitting diodes arranged in a strip that is sub-divided into seven blocks. Each tail lamp contains 24 LEDs in eight segments, which are used to dynamically indicate the turning direction.

When the driver indicates, the blocks are sequentially activated at 20 millisecond intervals, from the inside outwards in the desired turning direction. After 150 milliseconds, all segments are bright; for another 250 milliseconds they illuminate with full intensity. Then the indicators go dark before the sequence is repeated.

The carmaker has officially confirmed that the Audi A8 facelift will be going to Frankfurt next month – visit on August 21 at 9.00 am CEST (3.00 pm Malaysian time) to watch the online reveal. Click here for teaser videos, here for spyshots and here to learn more about Audi’s Matrix LED headlamps.