Malaysian drivers want parking space detection and full automatic parking assist systems in their cars, a global survey by Accenture has found. They also want a system that, in an emergency, stops the car and automatically sends out an emergency call.

The ‘Connected Vehicle: What Drivers Want‘ survey asked over 14,000 drivers in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, the UK and the US about their current use of connected vehicle technologies and expectations for future use.

Tech and services covered in the survey encompassed navigation, traffic, autonomous driving aids, entertainment, work tools, safety services, driving-pattern monitoring and more, with 39% of the respondents saying their primary consideration in choosing a new car was in-car tech. Only 14% said driving performance had the biggest influence on their choice.

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The survey found drivers in Malaysia, China, Brazil and Indonesia to be the most interested in connected vehicle tech and digital services that are currently available in more mature markets. Among respondents in emerging markets, Chinese drivers have the highest usage of such tech, followed by drivers in Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa.

While Malaysian drivers preferred parking-related systems, their Indonesian peers were keen on real-time entertainment content such as social media and gaming, as well as productivity services such as e-mail and calendar content, the survey revealed.

On average, a staggering 90% of respondents were interested in safety-related driving aids which included lane departure warning systems, collision-warning systems, lane-keeping systems, automatic braking systems and full automatic parking.

In all regions, at least 1,000 interviews were completed, with the exception of China, where 3,000 interviews were undertaken. All respondents had a car at their disposal and either had, or were planning to buy, a smartphone. View the full results of the global survey here, or the results for Malaysia in the gallery below.

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