ron 97 feb 2014

Users of RON 97 fuel would have noticed an increase in the per litre price of the fuel earlier this month, when it was increased by five sen to RM2.85. The increase took place exactly a month from the last pricing change, which also saw a five sen increase to bring it to RM2.80 per litre. The hike took place quietly, so is this likely the start of a trend to tacitly go about working fuel pricing revisions concerning the unregulated premium fuel?

The current at-the-pump price for RON 97 thus takes it back to the pricing as of September 4 last year, when it was increased by 15 sen from its previous RM2.70, in place since May 23, 2013. Pricing of subsidised RON 95 and diesel has of course remained from its revision to RM2.10 per litre and RM2.00 per litre respectively from September 3 last year.