A prototype of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT was prowling the streets of Barcelona, but not without getting caught by spy photographers in the process. Then again, dressed in that retina-searing tiger stripe camouflage and making that noise, it’s not exactly a shrinking violet, is it?

These pictures give us our clearest view yet of Mercedes’ new supercar, which is set to go head to head with at least some versions of the Porsche 911. Aesthetically, it owes a lot to the SLS AMG but looks none the worse for it, looking low, mean and serious even in its comedy outfit. Mercedes execs are reportedly saying the new car will be their most beautiful yet.


As previously reported, the GT is expected to utilise AMG’s new 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 that will also see service in the forthcoming C 63 AMG. At least three output levels is set to be on offer – around 480 hp for the base model, rising up to over 600 hp for the inevitable Black Series.

With such an attention-grabbing colour scheme, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was a marketing move, which would probably mean that the car should be quite close to its launch. So, which would you pick – this, the flamboyant showman from one side of Stuttgart, or the 911, the sports car played straight-as-you-like from the other?