Fans of kei roadsters finally have something to look forward to, as the new Daihatsu Copen – the replacement for the first-generation model which ended production in 2012 – has been leaked through a series of brochure scans ahead of its official unveiling expected to be as early as next month.

Despite the low quality of the images, it’s clear that the Copen has lost almost nothing through its transition from the Kopen concept that was unveiled in Tokyo last year, gaining only production-spec door mirrors and tail lights as well as a few detail changes.

Even the interior has managed to emerge relatively unscathed, with the more regular steering wheel and bucket seats, analogue gauges and some switchgear modifications being the only big revisions.

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Daihatsu has already revealed that, like the concept, the new Copen will feature 11 interchangeable body panels which will allow owners to customise their cars to their hearts’ desires. These panels are affixed to a D-Frame structure that is claimed to have torsional rigidity 1.5 times higher than the original Copen, and the new car weighs 850 kg when fitted with a manual gearbox.

Motivation comes from a 660 cc turbocharged DVVT three-cylinder engine producing 64 hp at 6,400 rpm and 92 Nm at 3,200 rpm. Mated to a “super-active shift” CVT with seven virtual ratios, it manages a fuel economy figure 25.2 km per litre on the Japanese JC08 test cycle, while the five-speed manual model makes do with 22.2 km per litre.

The powered roof opens and closes in 20 seconds, although it is unclear whether the new Copen will feature a folding metal roof like on the previous-generation model.

Daihatsu Kopen Concept from Tokyo 2013