camatte 2014 01

Remember the Toyota Camatte57s concept from last year? Well, the drivable roadster study is returning to the Tokyo Toy Show, and this year will see a new Sport version going on display in the Toyota Design Lab at the show. A stripped-down version, without panels, will also be showcased.

This year’s car will feature interactivity – visitors of all ages can create their own colourful digital designs and see them reproduced on the car through a LED panel that dresses up the car’s bonnet.

The electric-powered Camatte has a body is made up of 57 small, lightweight and detachable panels, which can be finished in various colours, shapes and designs, allowing a significant level of customisation.

Measuring three metres long and able to fit three passengers, the Camatte has adjustable pedals and seats so children will be able to drive it comfortably. An adult in the right-hand rear seat can assist or guide the young driver with steering and braking, in the process teaching youngsters the basic elements of driving.