PJ Traffic Jam

The Road Safety Department (JKJR) says that rising road accident rates are caused, among other things, by the attitudes of road users who believe that it would not happen to them.

National news agency Bernama quoted JKJR director-general Datuk Dr Tam Weng Wah as saying that it is because of this mentality that road users neglect the rules, contributing to increased crashes and fatalities.

“In terms of road safety awareness, it is there but it is at a low level, and motorists are not taking safety aspects very seriously. By right, the people themselves must correct this attitude because it is their own lives at stake here,” he said, adding that last year, some 60% of the 6,915 deaths on the road involved motorcycles ridden by youths.


“We have to pay closer attention to this, because it is the younger motorists who are most at risk of being involved in accidents. As such, I hope the younger generation in particular can change their attitudes, practice better driving patterns and follow the law so that they do not add to the statistics,” he added.

Tam also voiced his concerns about the rising trend of using smartphone apps while driving, warning that such behaviour, if left uncurbed, could become the biggest cause of road accidents in the future.

The director-general was at the launch of a road safety programme in partnership with Petron Malaysia and the Malaysian Institute of Transport (Mitrans) at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), where 150 helmets and 100 tins of motorcycle engine oil was distributed.

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