bhpetrol nurburgring

Great news for readers! Thanks to BHPetrol, you now stand a chance to win a lifetime experience on the legendary Nurburgring track in Germany where a complete motorsport adventure, including driving around the Green Hell in a sports car, awaits you.

Not only that, you also stand a chance to bag prizes equivalent to a year’s usage of fuel, on a monthly basis. The BHPetrol Fuel Your Way to Nurburgring contest, which is exclusive to the network, will kick start on September 2 and run for up to three months.

So, try to contain the excitement for now and watch this space same time next week :) You will soon find out how to be in the running to win this once-in-a-lifetime motoring experience, with BHPetrol and its Infiniti Advanced 2x premium fuel with 800ppm double dose of German additives.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The BHPetrol Fuel Your Way to Nurburgring contest is now live! Click here to find out more.