The latest addition to Bridgestone’s portfolio has been unveiled in the guise of the Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 – a performance-oriented tyre that supersedes the Adrenalin RE002 in the Potenza range. The new tyre is said to be constructed “with the optimal mix of powerful traction, handling stability and quick initial response on dry roads, while boasting sure handling and braking on wet roads.”

Manufactured in Thailand, Indonesia and Japan (depending on tyre sizes), the RE003 utilises an improved silica-based compound in its construction to deliver improved handling in both wet and dry conditions over the outgoing RE002. Elsewhere, a “pulse groove” incorporated into the design of the tyre helps to disperse standing water more effectively, decreasing the risk of aquaplaning.

bridgestone-potenza-adrenalin-re003 6

A more rounded profile design increases the amount of contact between tyre surface and tarmac while a wider centre rib over the RE002 is said to offer more precise cornering performance. The outer region of the RE003 features a stylised groove, a “Connection Block”, that provides additional traction in dry conditions.

Additionally, the new Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 also boasts significantly lower road noise as well as increased ride comfort compared to the RE002. The tyre is available in 20 different sizes, with profiles ranging from 35 to 55 series. Available wheel sizes span from 15- to 18-inch measurements. As quoted, prices range from RM200-RM800.