Following on from the recent announcement of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) fares by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), the National Public Transport Users Association (4PAM) has voiced concern over the new figures – going as far as to call the rates “shocking”, as reported by theSun.

The organisation has urged the authorities to “take into account the cost of the total journey, including the return trip.” Also, 4PAM has encouraged the government to revise the rates prior to the construction of the proposed BRT KL-Klang Line – said route will run from the former Istana Negara to Klang.


“4PAM fully supports the implementation of the much debated Federal Highway BRT, which is long overdue. However it is vital to ensure that the objective of the BRT should be to encourage people to use public transport and not just to build an infrastructure,” the NGO said in a statement.

The new fare structure kicks off with a base figure of 90 sen, after which a travel-per-kilometre fare is added. Following on, an additional 81.5 sen is added for the first six kilometres. From six to 12 km, 51.3 sen is added while 42.1 sen gets thrown in between 12 to 18 km. From 18 to 24 km, 28.2 sen is added in while the a final figure of 21.2 sen is factored in for travels over 24 km.