Impressed by the fuel-saving and eco-friendly tech of the new 2016 Toyota Prius but not into the strange new looks? Japanese tuner Wald attempts to give the fourth-gen hybrid a dash of sporty flavour via a Sports Line kit, previewed by this single image.

The Prius press kit has a sub-header reading “Easy on the Eyes” but none of us in this office agree with that; from the looks of it, not many of you do too, but this is better. Wald’s Sports Line car is pictured here in the same Hypersonic Red hero colour as the launch car, but it sits lower to the ground, wearing big turbine-style alloys. The standard car doesn’t look underwheeled or lanky, but Wald takes things further.

The lower bumper is stock, but extensions include a protruding chin and a silver lip, painted in silver. Side skirts match the beefed-up bumper. Hopefully, all these doesn’t negatively affect the Prius’ optimised aerodynamics. Read more about the all-new Prius here.