One of the most frequently used navigation apps, Waze has been given a good overhaul by Google. Waze 4.0 is the next update that iOS users can get off the App store, while Android users are expected to wait just a little longer.

Among the updates include faster traffic response time, a newly designed interface that’s cleaner, simpler to use and less cluttered. Another notable enhancement is the one tap navigation function, which makes it less of a hassle when you need to find a location on-the-go.

In addition to that, the one-tap interface allows users to send their location or directions and estimated time of arrival (ETA) to contacts. Synch your calendar with Waze and you’ll receive traffic reminders – useful, so as to avoid being late when heading towards a specified destination.

The company also claims that the new update “significantly” reduces battery consumption – which is great, seeing that that’s one of the banes of navigation apps. As mentioned, the update is only available for iOS users, for now. So let’s hope that the Android version gets it soon too.