Honda has revealed a new 10-speed automatic transmission, to be used in its large-sized front-wheel drive vehicles. The brand stated in a presentation that the new gearbox aims to provide “brisk driving” and “low fuel consumption.”

The gearbox will be able to support 370 Nm of torque or higher. It combines four planetary gears with a balance common ratio setting for smooth gear shifting, plus a 10.1 or greater ratio coverage for better fuel efficiency.

In addition to that, the gearbox will be able to handle direct skip shifting. This means that the auto gearbox does not need to downshift gears in a sequential manner. It can downshift from tenth to sixth gear or seventh to third instantaneously, providing “overwhelming acceleration.” This also equates to faster kick down times when it comes to passing, according to Honda.

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Also highlighted is its 375 mm compact design, high efficiency gear train and a downsized internal and external teeth integrated gear. Additionally, the gearbox also receives a high-attenuation and low-inertia torque converter, and includes close and wide ratios. Furthermore, the new transmission supports both idling stop and shift-by-wire systems.

Compared to a six-speed automatic transmission, Honda says its new 10-speed gearbox shortens acceleration time by about 14%, while shift response time has been cut down by at least 30%. As for fuel consumption, the 10-speed gearbox claims improved fuel economy by some six percent. It’s also quieter when cruising, which sees reduction in noise by about 26%.

Recently, Honda and its American premium arm Acura have started using a ZF-sourced nine-speed automatic transmission in place of its own six-speeder, evident in the latest V6-powered Pilot, MDX and TLX. This new in-house 10-speed gearbox will likely replace the ZF tranny when it goes into production.