President of Toyota Motor Corp Akio Toyoda, has confirmed that a seven-seat crossover is not in the plans for Lexus in the US, as he clarified, “that’s the Toyota brand,” Automotive News reports.

Previously, Lexus division chief Jeff bracken, said that Lexus dealers in America have continuously complained about the lack of a third-row seating position and that he felt that the brand was losing out on a “35,000-units-a-year opportunity.” Similarly, Toyota North America’s CEO Jim Lentz, opined that a three-row SUV was a better bet over the low-volume Lexus RC Coupe.

When asked whether a Lexus-badged seven-seat crossover was out of the plan, Akio Toyoda responded, “at the moment, yes. Dealers are always asking for more. But there is a sequence of things, of introducing models.” The focus of Lexus as spelled out by the president himself, would be on enhancing brand value, or the softer aspects of the brand instead.

He explained that he had different aims when it came to the positioning of both Lexus and Toyota. “We are trying to position Lexus vehicles as emotional and cool. For Toyota, I attach greater value to family, convenience, fun-to-drive,” Toyoda said, adding that he would like for Lexus to be sold with a “dream or a story.” This positioning for Lexus was the reason why the Lexus RC Coupe was brought to life.

“We are now entering a new chapter, which is symbolised by the LF-FC concept. If it had been a few years ago, the vehicle symbolising the new chapter would have been a station wagon. If your focus is selling more cars, as many as possible, a station wagon would be of interest.” he said.